Filming up a storm

After a 3 week break from filming, I am back at it 🙂  Lots of customs and requests have been pouring in to keep me busy and of course the studio updated with fresh fun daily. You can expect plenty of leg and shoe clips to hit the site and some great joi as well. As always I try to create a variety to satisfy most fetishes 🙂

I have been really enjoying the summer and managed to get a little time by the pool. No tan yet though!

Im curious if tan lines are actually sexy to a man or do you even care? Lets have a poll

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A dazzling good time

Something about summer that really perks me up. I live for sunny days 🙂

Like I had mentioned, the fringe festival is in town and Im having a great time. Took in 43 shows so far and about 20 more I plan to see.


Whats really fun is dressing up in little outfits that make the heads turn, like my kitty cat stockings. Men and women alike were amazed by them.

I guess my legs have that kind of effect on everyone.


Hope you are all having a great week, be sure to check out the amazing assortment of clips I have been adding daily and have fun!!

rockin out on the streets

rockin out on the streets

photo 2

Dahling... I look fabulous!

Dahling… I look fabulous!

Let the festival begin :)

I had a really great birthday weekend, Great food, gifts and relaxing with the people I like best 🙂


Ive been busy filming customs and getting my studios set up and after today a much needed break awaits as the local fringe festival starts tomorrow.

I will be spending my days outdoors and enjoying many venues of plays, dance performances, musicals, comedy, you name it.

One thing I look forward to doing is filling my back pack with great food and having side walk picnics as I wait for venues to open. Theres just something about the atmosphere and thousands of people all having a great time together.

I will still be available for custom films that are a simple script/layout.. otherwise I will be taking orders for after the 28th.

Have a super week!!strappanty

Gearing up for my birthday weekend!

Its my birthday this Saturday.  I typically like to go to the beach or park and just relax…but this year I have no destination plans.. just some peace at home and maybe catching some rays by the pool.

Now If only I had a cabana boy to mix my pina coladas for me…. hmmm


I might have to expand my realm and find some new boys to serve me.  wink wink

In the meantime I will be planning to have a great weekend and gather my energy for an upcoming 10 day festival known as “the fringe”


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Have a great weekend!!


Customs galore

this week is going to be fabulous, great weather and plenty of free time to film some new clips for the studio.

Lots of sexy leg and high heel clips will be featured in my 6279 theatre and some kinky tape bondage in 73023

I havfilming some great leg clipse a couple openings for customs videos to be completed before the 16th and then I will be taking a 2 week break so i can enjoy the local fringe festival here in town.

A great mix of theatre dance and social atmosphere that I very much look forward to.

A fresh new blog!

Welcome to my new fan page. Here I will be adding photos from my gallery and will post updates about what I have going on.

Hope you will enjoy the new site and appreciate my efforts as I strive to provide fans a fun place to enjoy more of ME!


email suggestions, comments to me anytime at